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With the goal to satisfy the criteria regarding the ecology of wastewaters, the concrete manhole that has been a standard product for many decades, today is being actively replaced with the polyethylene and polypropylene manholes that is completely waterproof. The law regulation urges protection of the environment or most of all protection of the wastewaters- that is why it is recommended the embedding of materials that are waterproof.
The INTERHOL Manholes are continuously exposed to different temperatures. The form of the manhole remains unchanged even during extremely high summer temperatures. These manholes cannot be damaged from the law temperatures, neither from the boiling wastewaters from the industries. PE and PP is stable on a temperature range from -35° to +60° C.
PE and PP INTERHOL Manholes are 100% waterproof, the possibility of leaks does not exist. The compactness guaranties the characteristic of being waterproof. The welded junction of the manhole and the polyethylene pipes is also very compact.
These manholes that are produced from PE and PP completely exclude possible problems  or damages that can show up while using the other traditional manholes used until now. The characteristics of the PE and PP as a material, have a very important role in the steadiness and endurance of the product. In this case Interhol manholes are extraordinary product that has very high quality that enable long lifetime. 
The white color of the interior of these manholes not only eases the process of inspection and controlling, but also gives a high level of security and safety of the workers. This high level of security can be achieved with the utilization of the scales that have specific design and enable easy entering and going down to the bottom of the manhole. The scales are part of every element of the manhole. 
The characteristic of resistance of the PE and PP to the chemical aggression is already known. The characteristics of these manholes are defined in the EN 13598-1/2 standard, in which is confirmed that the manholes made of PE  and PP are water resistant in a wide spectrum of PE values, as some domestic and other wastewaters, rainwater, surface and underground water. The list that contains the values about the chemical resistance can be  delivered upon the request of the costumers. 
PE and PP are very elastic and easily adjustable materials that does not break and that is the reason why the Interhol manholes are resistant to falls and impact that can occur during the assembly. 
The Interhol manholes are delivered right away, as a full compact package or with the element and the rubber that is used for their assembly. They can also be delivered with welded pipes connectors or with separate connectors that can be mounted on field with rubber. 
Compared to the concrete manholes that have huge wights, making it easier to transport and to manipulate on field and during the assembly.

 Interhol manhole DN1000 is composed of:

Interhol manhole DN800 is composed of:

Interhol DN600
Base ID 600 can extended with OD630 / ID600 corrugated pipe.


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